Monday, April 14, 2014

Prompt: Fire in the belly

Fiery pain lanced through Drezhna’s belly, and she groaned, twisting and stretching her scales against the cool cave walls to find a more comfortable position. Her eyes dilated wide, she could easily see in the darkness. She stretched her neck and snapped up a bone she had been gnawing, sucking out the marrow to appease her fast-growing baby.

Rest easy, little one, Drezhna thought, hoping to sense a connection. Shouldn’t she be able to by now? If she didn’t soon, would she survive?

The last few weeks were the most dangerous, when the baby’s fire lit within the womb. Usually the prime mother would burrow down with her daughter and seal them within a cave until the baby was safely born. But Drezhna’s mother had fallen prey to one of the great metal beasts that invaded from the southern skies. Drezhna had sensed her mother’s silence as she returned from the deep breeding waters. She had fallen out of the sky and floated on the choppy surface, not caring for a long while if a sea creature attacked her there. Until she sensed her baby for the first time.

Why couldn’t she connect? Drezhna remembered floating in her own mother’s womb. Her mother’s gravelly voice sounding even in her thoughts. Her mother’s prime mother easing her out into the dark cave and leading her to the surface with a blast of fire clearing their path, melting the rock and soil covering them into a smooth tunnel.

Who would lead her baby away from her, up to the surface? If she could not do it, the babe would begin to devour her in its newborn hunger….

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