Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prompt: The Awakening

Thanks to Saikono for permission to use his fantastic image, “The Awakening”!

Phanel felt the tremors in his study. He looked up from the ancient scroll he’d been studying and saw the vibrations shivering across the long-cooled bewdap in his mug. Forcing himself to steadiness, he rolled the scroll until he heard shouts outside the study door.

“The ghorst! The ghorst wakes!”

Phanel jumped up and threw the scroll on the table, reaching for his trident . Racing into the hall, has pushed past the curious and afraid. He had no time for them now. The ghorst roared.

Leaping over the balcony ledge, Phanel drew energy into his trident and pointed it down, slowing his fall until his hindclaws and tail balanced on the courtyard stones. He pushed past more people in his way, uncaring who they were as his awareness focussed on the ghorst. It bellowed again as Phalen reached the chasm opening. He planted his hindclaws wide and reared to his full height, roaring his challenge to the ghorst and anyone else who dared lay claim to it.

Only the ghorst replied, with the crack of rock and steel chains. Phalen gripped his trident and leaped into the chasm. He had no time for fear or hesitation, but by all the gods, the ghorst was immense. It had shattered half of its stone cocoon, thrashing against the steel chains embedded in its collar and multiplated harness. Its silver mane flowed, deceptively appearing soft. Phalen knew each blade would shred his skin.

The ghorst’s leathery wings spread wide, claws grasping. Its horns spread wide above his head, and huge teeth gnashed together, spilling out of its split jaws. Horns sprouted out of its already-hardened skin, across its shoulders and chest. An adult ghorst never slept nor rested from the moment it emerged until its death.

Phalen roared again, drawing the ghorst’s attention to him. Power flooded through his trident, brilliant silver light shining out around him. The ghorst’s eye glowed the same color, and Phalen bared his teeth in victory. Power shared was power controlled. The ghorst was already his. It just had to learn so…

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