Sunday, April 20, 2014

Prompt: An alcoholic middle-aged lady and a teenage girl ride around Canada in a truck saving people from stuff

Thanks to Steph Buchanan for fun "Writing Prompts That Don't Suck"!

Amy ignored the two truckers watching her from the coffee machine as she pulled a single Coke and a six-pack of Keystone from the cooler.  She added a pack of gum and Fig Newtons as she pulled cash out of her front pocket. Nodding out the window, she told the cashier, “Forty on number 4, too.”

The cashier was too caught up in the black and white tv above her head to bother carding her, although she did throw everything but the beer into a plastic bag and mumbled “Bye” as Amy carried her stuff out.

Amy set the beer and bag on the hood of the pickup truck and kept an eye on the two truckers. They walked out of the store and over to their rigs as she filled her tank. Forty bucks wouldn’t get them much farther, but she needed the stops to stay awake anyway. Aunt Lucy wasn’t going to be doing any driving tonight. With any luck, they'd make Thunder Bay by morning.

In the truck, she set the beer at Lucy’s feet and opened her Coke and the Fig Newtons before she pulled out. Lucy was fast asleep, head back against the seat, mouth slack, snoring softly. Her mop of blond curls tumbled loose around her shoulders. Amy shook her head. Her own mousy brown straight hair only had body when she brushed it out of her habitual braids, and even a hot iron could barely coax a curl out of it. Lucy might be a mess, but she had a careless beauty that even years of cigs and beer hadn’t eroded.

The familiar tingle across her neck and shoulders alerted Amy, even as Lucy sat upright, completely alert. “Where?” Lucy demanded tersely.

“I don’t know. Give me a second,” Amy replied, looking around. Glancing back into the store, she saw the clerk backed against the counter, away from the register – and the tv. “Crap,” Amy said, spinning the wheel and revving the engine. She shook her head. Shouldn't have been so worried about those truckers. There must have been someone else in the store.

Lucy reached under her seat and pulled out a baseball bat. She had her door open before Amy stopped. Amy was right behind her with a tire iron and link chain from under her own seat. Looping the chain in her left hand, she rolled her shoulders back as Lucy pushed both doors open, bat down by her thigh.

“Hey, honey,” Lucy said in a booming voice. “I gotta pee something fierce. Where’s your bathroom?”

The truckers were nowhere in sight. Amy frowned. If it wasn't them... The cashier’s eyes were wide with fright. She looked over toward the obvious Restroom sign, then glanced down toward her feet. Lucy nodded, saying in that same loud voice. “Thanks, sug. Back in a jif.” She moved silently around the far side of the counter, away from the restrooms. Amy pressed close to the register, her finger against her lips.

“Please…” the cashier said in a trembling voice.

Aw, shit. Amy swung the chain over the counter and down in a sweeping motion, jerking back hard as it struck. Lucy vaulted over the counter like an Olympic gymnast and swung her bat in an upward arc. The solid crack said her aim was true.

The cashier sagged and staggered backward. Lucy caught her in a bear hug and put her hand against the girl’s hair, as the girl burst into heaving sobs. “It’s okay, honey. You’re okay.” Lucy was always good at comforting. Amy was better at cleanup. She pulled out her phone and called 911 as she walked around the counter to see who they had attacked.

I thought of taking the end of the prompt literally and having them save people from *stuff* - which still intrigues me. Maybe hoarders? Accidents with things? Warehouse 13 scenario (Daughter’s latest obsession)…

Also, I’m never very confident writing fight/action scenes, since I know nothing about it. The chain is probably a terrible idea, but it came to me, and I went with it. If I continued, I’d show Amy and Lucy training together. These are seriously tough chicks!

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