Sunday, May 18, 2014

Prompt: Overcoming shyness

"Tonight on WTVD’s 11 oclock news, we have the first public interview with the vigilante known as NightBlade. She’s considered responsible for the murder of over a dozen known violent criminals that our justice system failed to keep behind bars. A city-wide manhunt did not find her, and the chief of police has been widely quoted as saying—”

Cut to video

“I don’t know whether to arrest her or give her a damn medal.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, our reporter, Sherry Shandry, and her cameraman put themselves in a potentially dangerous situation to bring you this interview. Sherry, what can you tell us about it?”

Cut to petite brunette in red suit

“Hi Josh, yes, when I made the connection with NightBlade and she agreed to an interview, frankly, I had mixed emotions: Excitement and nerves. She gave us very explicit directions to drive to a location where she would blindfold and transfer us into her own vehicle, then take us to a safe location for the interview.”

“Sherry, did she threaten you at all?”

“No, no, she didn’t, Josh. And when you see the interview we’re going to air tonight, I think you’ll have a very different picture of NightBlade.”

“Does she claim to be innocent?”

“Oh, no, Josh. She’s a killer, there’s no question about that. But I have to tell you, she may be the new face of justice in our city.”

“Thank you, Sherry. Join us tonight for Sherry Shandry’s interview with the notorious NightBlade, and find out for yourself why the chief of police and our own reporter don’t consider her a criminal vigilante…”


Dogs in House
Houdini, Brindle

Phil Collins, “You’ll Be In My Heart”

Time writing
~15 minutes

May word count

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  1. Writing report (over last few days)
    Novel editing. Had been reading to find location where new POV should first be introduced, but heard about a writing workshop and went to polish the first four chapters instead. Just sent the chapters off. Not sure how the participants in the workshop will be chosen, so fingers crossed I get in!

    Time: 1-2 hrs today, scattered throughout. 20/30 mins previous nights.