Monday, May 12, 2014

Prompt: Bad weather

Thanks to Lio Xan for permission to use his haunting “Bad weather”!

Garrex snarled and spat at the rain hissing against his sodden fur. Storm clouds hid the full moon, but his eyes still glowed with silverlight. Longs claws scratched against the stone of the roof’s ornate carvings, as he crouched low, vigilant on guard, even as he swung his tail from side to side in frustration.

Fog hid the city streets below, so Garrex felt like he was stranded on a stone island surrounded by wisps of cloud and fog, and stinging rain. This was Norsep’s punishment for Garrex’s bond with his daughter. Perhaps he should have thought of that when they were cubs.

Garrex’s tail lashed angrily, slinging water back into the rain. Norsep was a fool if he thought he could keep them apart. Separating them during the full moon might keep them from completing their bonding, but make no mistake. Garrex growled deep in his chest, and the silverlight flared in his eyes. Birlace was his mate…

Dogs in House

Time writing
 ~15 minutes

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