Thursday, April 3, 2014

Prompt: Novel/Writing Progress Report

So, the bad news. My *net* new word count for today is a whopping 105.

But that’s not the important thing. I edited the 1st scene of the novel, and I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. Starts off with playful action and magic, introduces several major characters, hints at tension, and introduces SF elements as well. All in 7 pages, or just over 1200 words.

That means I get 1-2 more scenes to send off for the Magical Words workshop at Congregate this summer (2500 words total). I’ve already made a 2nd pass at these with my small writers’ group, so now I have to incorporate their suggestions and my own barrage of ideas. I printed the whole manuscript awhile ago, and I’m making notes to include things before I even fully dive into editing/revising.

This scattered approach makes me nervous, because I fear I’ll forget things. I’m usually much more methodical about writing and editing, but this is such a larger work than I’ve managed before.

What’s perhaps more exciting than progress on the novel (which is pretty damn satisfying, now that I’m making some again), is that I have not one, but *two* anthology possibilities due in June, another possibility has just come forward, and I feel like the train’s whistle is blowing, and the wheels have just made their first turn on the track. It’s all *potential* right now…which is why it’s so exciting!

So I have lots of plans afoot.

Meanwhile, trying to change my sedentary lifestyle, I’m working toward a 1,000-mile walking challenge with my day job, and a 90-day bellydance challenge – which I’m taking as an opportunity to finally learn some moves! Which you will all be glad to know, I plan to keep to myself for the forseeable future. But come the DragonCon Drum Circles, watch out!

Dogs in House
Brindle, Houdini

Bellydance videos, of course!

Time writing
~20 minutes

April word count


  1. Good to know I'm not the only one freaking about those 2500 words due by the 11th.

  2. Writing report:
    Novel editing, spot edits Ch26, Ch27

    Time: 20 min