Sunday, October 6, 2013

Prompt: Dragons light up the night

“Look! Isn’t it beautiful?”

Sharon pointed over the dashboard to Ben’s left. She was staring out the carriage window, leaning against his arm. If she’d looked at him, she would have seen his jaw clench. He fought against the urge to snap. It was Sharon. He managed a gruff “Mmmm,” and tapped the controls to lift the horses’ blinders on their left.

The dragon roared down the highway, moving straight and fast. It was carrying a full load, then, in the packs loaded on the cage surrounding it, leaving it little room for free movement. That suited Ben just fine. Fast, straight, and gone was all he wanted, watching it out of the corner of his eye.

As it neared, he could see this one was a large female, brilliant red, with a dramatic black fringe around her ears and under her jaw. She was a broad-faced Chinese, with phosphorescent patches in rows over her eyes and down her snout, glowing orange in the cold night air. As they shone yellow, Ben pulled the reigns to move the carriage in the far lane. “Watch it—she’s gonna flame!”

She inhaled and blew out a long straight yellow flame, releasing the energy that built as she ran. It poured straight up into the air and hung above as she raced underneath, disappearing into the night sky. “Whoa,” Sharon breathed. She turned to watch the dragon freighter race past them and out of sight around the curves they had just cleared. She leaned her head on Ben’s shoulder. “Wow, aren’t they magnificent?”

It was all he could do not to push her away and scream.

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