Saturday, September 6, 2014

Prompt: Visiting your future self

Several years go, a wonderful life coach gave me a guided meditation: a visit with my future self. This was one of the most life-affirming and choice-affirming activities I have ever done.

I’ll share some of it here, and I encourage you to give it a try. Whether you learn something about yourself, find clarity on your direction, or get an idea for a story, I think you’ll find it an interesting experience!

So, sit comfortably in a quiet space. Close your eyes. That’s important. You’re going to be looking *in*, so you don’t want to be distracted by what’s *out*.

Take deep, slow breaths, perhaps counting to three or five on each inhale, then each exhale. Feel your heartbeat slow down. Feel the tightness, the noise, in your head release.

If you need more time to relax, you can consciously do so by focusing on each part of your body, tightening the muscles, then relaxing them, starting with your forehead and working you way down to your toes.

Now, imagine a beam of light shoots up from the ground in front of you. You reach out and wrap your fingers around the light, and it carries you effortlessly up and out into space. You can see the Earth below you, continents, oceans, clouds, light and dark. You can see the black space around you, lit by all the stars and constellations and nebula. Maybe you see a shimmering aurora lighting the Earth beneath you.

Suddenly, another beam of light shines from space down toward Earth. As it moves closer, you are going to reach out and grab hold of it, and it will carry you twenty years into the future, right to your future self, where you can ask any three questions, before the beams cross and you return to yourself in the present.

You reach out and grab the other beam, and you zoom down toward Earth. Where is your future self? As you come closer, you look for landmarks that you recognize. Are you even on the same continent? How near, or how far have you gone in twenty years?

The light carries you gently to the ground, and you stand at the entrance to where your future self lives. Are you excited? Nervous? Do you know what you want to ask?

You approach, and your future self comes out to greet you. Don’t try to force the image, just let it happen in your mind.

Now, ask your questions…


And so, with a loving heart, I offer you
I’ve heard many translations. Here’s one I love:
The light of the universe that shines within me recognizes
the light of the universe that shines within you.

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  2. Interesting idea. It's making me wonder, though, what 20-year ago myself would have asked me-now. And if she would have been surprised at me -- 20 years ago I probably wouldn't have imagined myself on another continent!