Sunday, May 11, 2014

Prompt: Miss Penny Boards the Contemporal, Part 2

Stumbling through the stalks with his hand still gripping her arm, Penny could only see glimpses in the moonlight. His clothes looked military, but different than anything she’d ever seen. And he had some kind of gun with lights on it. Pushing through the corn stalks, he barely turned his head to say, “You can’t be out here when she goes, or who knows when you’d end up.”

Penny thought she’d misheard him. They burst through the stalks into an opening in the Jones’s field, and she stumbled to a halt. He looked back and pulled on her arm, until she stumbled against him. “It’s okay, lady. We have to get on board before she destabilizes. Come on, I’ll explain later.”

He continued moving toward the large rectangular structure that was roaring like a train engine, shining lights all around. Penny somehow knew this was a flying ship, although she’d never seen anything like it before, not even at the Chicago World’s Fair Grampa had taken them all to see last year. There was a brightly lit opening with a ramp, and the man pulled her up it and pushed her into a seat against the wall. He leaned down and buckled straps over her shoulder. Pausing with his hand over the last buckle, he looked into her eyes and smiled for the first time. “Sorry, explanations will have to wait. I’m Robert. Robert Wilson.”

Robert Wilson? Betty Wilson’s little boy was named Robert, but he was no more than four or five. Penny frowned. He quirked an eyebrow. “What’s your name?”

“Penny,” she stammered. “Penny—”

“Well, Miss Penny, welcome to the Contemporal,” he said. Tapping the wire on his head again, he continued in a sharper tone, “Wilson in. All aboard. Jones, seal her up.” He sat next to Penny and strapped himself in. She looked around and saw a dozen men and a few women in the same strange military garb, strapped in seats along the walls of this strange ship. Next to her, Wilson said, “Destabilization in three, two, one….”


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  1. Writing report:
    Novel editing. I've decided a new POV is needed; I can always delete it if it doesn't work. Start back from beginning to find out where to introduce POV, include some spots edits Ch1-7.

    Time: ~40 min