Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prompt: Passport

I waited in line and resisted the urge to tug at my skintight dress. It had been a long time since I wore a Ladies gown. The emerald cowl covered my hair and hid my face. It flowed into the high-necked gown that both covered and revealed everything. The long sleeves flared below the elbow into a dramatic drape past my fingertips. The floor-length skirt flared out just below my hips to swirl around my legs, encased in the thigh-high boots. I flashed a sweat and suddenly couldn’t remember the name on my passport.

Papers. The Poovian signed and held out one hand and tilted one eyestalk towards me without interest. I clucked a greeting and covered my teeth with my lips as I smiled. Two eyestalks swiveled up toward me in surprise. I nodded as I laid the papers in his outstretched hand.

Welcome, Lady…Alivia. He signed with another hand as he opened my passport. Entering on business or pleasure?

I clucked amusement and blinked a semaphore. Both, of course.

He blinked back and I felt the soft touch as a tentacle slid around my ankle under the skirt.

Would you care to meet me later, Lady?

I thought about it. I wondered if he was as good with those hands and tentacles as my last Poovian lover. The Ladies don’t call them Pooverts for nothing. I clucked regretfully and slid my foot towards him so he would know I wasn’t brushing him off. I leaned forward to sign privately to him.

Perhaps another time, handsome. My business will keep me occupied this cycle.

He blinked regret and slid his tentacle higher for a moment before he withdrew. He stamped my passport without even looking at the other papers and handed it back to me with a flourish. I blinked and nodded farewell before I walked away.

I heard his impatient tap for the next passenger, who didn’t seem to be paying attention to him. On impulse, I shimmied my hips and felt gratified to hear the flutter of fumbled papers as I continued down the hall.

Note: This story is continued in Passport, Part 2

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  1. I would absolutely read more of this. :D Love the communication techniques! If you were looking to make your debut in erotica... ;P

    1. LOL Thanks, Kate. I definitely plan to return to this piece. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. And I'm not sure it will be something for Daughter to read! ;)