Friday, January 4, 2013

Prompt: Dialect/Accent

T’ain’t dyin what’s the hard part. S’what comes after, fer the livin and the dead.

Some call the livin the quick, but it’s livin after what happens at light speed. Then, you can be most anything.

I thought it might be nice to be a star fer awhile, shinin down, lightin the night.

Ventual, you get lonesome.

Turns to longin for a touch, arms around you.

It starts to pull you, a little tug at first, then it gets stronger n stronger till yer swimming in a river and the currents so strong ya cain’t keep yer head up. Then, snap! Yer jolted into a body, floating in the dark, waiting to be born.

You don’t get to be nothing else. Yer a human, and a goat’s a goat. Though I often thought it was a cryin shame some folks wouldn’t come back round as a cockroach or somethin likely to git squished. An I used to think I’d like ta be somethin like a dolphin swimming in cool clear waters or a lion or somethin so fierce no one would dare mess with me.

But yer still you. You just don’t remember. Ain’t that somethin? Seems like the old you would carry through, but it don’t. Cept ever once in awhile, maybe you git a little flash. We think it’s dreams, or magination. What else could it be?

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A Little Christmas Gift, Muriel Anderson & Jean-Felix Lalanne

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  1. So what do you think of my attempt at writing a strong dialect? In general, do you like when authors do something like this or do you find it too distracting/difficult to keep you engaged in the story?

    Do you have a sense of who this character might be? Adult, child, male, female? Is something already coming through to you?

  2. I am thinking the person has died.....I feel she is female who died at an old age....tell me more

    1. Lynn, thanks for stopping by! I think perhaps this is someone in between lives, maybe an "old soul"...