Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bull City Robotic Rodeo Schedule

I'm delighted to be a guest at the first Bull City Robotic Rodeo in Durham, NC this weekend! This first-year con is run by the same excellent folks who produce the annual Festival of Legends, so I know we're in good hands. Plus it's in my old stomping grounds from Trinoc-CoN days at the Durham Marriott & Convention Center!

So come join the fun and find me sharing a table with Emily Leverett, when I'm not on one of these panels:

Friday, February 1st
6:00 pm ~ Steampunk 101
What *is* steampunk, anyway? Panelists explain what Steampunk means to them in storytelling, costuming, and making.

Saturday, February 2nd
11:00 am ~ “Based on a True Story”
The weird-but-true wild West: The American Wild West had plenty of “weird” stories of real people, and they will be shared here!
12:30 pm ~ Diversity of Culture and Gender in the Wild West
Representation matters. Women, people of color, and many marginalized people have great steampunk stories to tell, whether they are the authors or characters. This could touch on balancing “writing the other” and the #OwnVoice movement.
3:00 pm ~ Folklore Panel
The influence and importance of folklore and tales through the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.
4:00 pm ~ Making the Old New Again
When a storyteller breathes new life into an old tale, it is excitingly familiar and different! Let’s share some of the best examples of steampunk that pull from classic themes in books and movies.

Sunday, February 3rd
11:00 am ~ Firefly: The Story, and the Story-behind-the-Story
Firefly is a classic (and nearly perfect) example of “steampunk in space. Let’s talk about that world, as well as the amazing tales of the making of Firefly, Serenity, and more.
12:00 pm ~ The Best Weird West Books and Movies
Get ready to pile on to your reading and watching lists! Panelists will share their favorite examples of genre storytelling in books, TV, and film. A recommended companion experience to our Weird West Film Festival on Saturday.

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