Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Conapalooza Schedule

I'm delighted to be a guest at Conapalooza this year! Here's where you'll find me on panels:

Friday, 7:00pm  “Diversity Matters” 
Diversity has been on the rise in speculative fiction and throughout fandom bringing in stories, characters, and creators that represent a wide range of life as we know it. Join our panelists for a discussion about why people need both windows and mirrors, and exploration of how representation helps.

Friday, 9:00pm  "Geeky Rants"    
An amazingly entertaining discussion that lets folks good-naturedly vent on what's wrong in their chosen fandom. Whether it's the cancellation of Firefly or exactly how "fast" is a parsec, this never-the-same-twice event combines the best (and worst!) elements of audience-participation comedy and couples therapy.

Saturday, 1:00pm  “Buffy: 20 Years and Counting” (Mod) 
1992 witnessed the onscreen arrival of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Miraculously, Buffy survived that debut and returned in TV form in 1996. The comic series is still going strong, and there's perennial talk of an onscreen reboot. Why do we still care? Let’s talk about our favorite Valley Girl, her friends, and her foes—the stories, the characters, the musical, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Saturday, 6:00pm  “Making The Old New Again” (Mod)  
When a storyteller breathes new life into an old tale or trope, it is excitingly familiar and different! Let’s share some of the best examples of the genre in books and movies that pull from classic tales, themes, and tropes. Think Ann Rice's Interview with a Vampire, Gregory Maguire's Wicked, Neil Gaiman's American Gods, Star Wars, Batman Begins, and so many more!

Saturday, 7:00pm  “The Force Doth Awaken” (Mod) 
Panelists perform an unstaged dramatic (and hilarious!) reading of the wonderful Shakespeare-esque The Force Doth Awaken.

Sunday, 2:00pm  “Broad Universe Rapid Fire Readings”
Broaden your horizons in speculative fiction with bite-sized readings guaranteed to leave you hungry for more from these fabulous authors. Come discover new favorite authors and learn about an organization that supports women in the genre, plus chocolate and chances to win free books! 

I'm sharing a table with the effervescent Samantha Bryant, so come buy our books!


And so, with a loving heart, I offer you
I’ve heard many translations. Here’s my favorite:
The light of the universe that shines within me recognizes
the light of the universe that shines within you.


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