Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prompt: Architect, First night in new home, person who says yes to everything, phone call at 3 a.m.


The terrified scream jolted Sarah awake. She groaned and rolled off her berth, pushing her feet against the ledge to propel her across the room in a straight shot for the doorway. She pulled on the ropes with two long tugs, then tucked and dove into Kaley’s room before she could call again. She curled into the berth with Kaley, who immediately snuggled against her and fell back to sleep.

Sarah stroked Kaley’s hair and tried to relax, wondering how long the nightmares would last. She had hoped the change would help, and Kaley did love the minecraft, but she still woke up screaming every night. Ever since their world had collapsed around them, literally, the eighty story apartment building cut through the middle by a Harnesh missile. Sarah resisted sleep herself, knowing her dreams would be just as bad.

An unintentional 9/11 PTSD? Not sure I can continue this one as is. Although I might give it another go and see if something different happens. Comments on scene or world-building? Anything else?

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