Friday, June 28, 2013

Prompt: Driving at night in Kakadu

There are no lights in Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Top End. After the sun takes its long, sweet time melting the clouds with red and orange and yellow fire, it drops down down down below the horizon and the world is black, spread over with a blanket of glittering stars.

The animals all seem to know that the humans leave with the light of the sun. Within minutes, they emerge from their hiding places, curiously incurious about any humans remaining in their nocturnal territory. It’s their space now, and they have no time to waste on humans suddenly blind and helpless.

The dingo creep across the highway, in search of careless bandicoot nibbling dry grass. The wallaby disdains the dingo. Dogs are no match for those thumping, jumping hindlegs.

Note: So this is a memory that’s trying to be told, but there’s no story yet. Usually something will spark and a story will come pretty easily – the start of one, anyway. But not tonight. Part of the process!

Time writing:
~30 minutes
June word count:

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