Monday, April 1, 2013

Prompt: Lady of Fire

 Thanks to Alexandra Semushina for permission to share this stunning visual prompt!

Hurin was struck motionless when he saw the lady walking along the rocky shore. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Her long red hair tumbled in curls and waves down to her waist, and her bright red gown had drapes and fancy lace from her neck all the way to the ground. The skirt was so long, it trailed behind her as she walked. But what made him stare was her parasol. It was on fire. She twirled it in lazy circles above her head. And then a bit of fire plopped down on her hand. She lifted it to her mouth and ate it, smiling like it was a delicious treat.

The lady looked up and saw Hurin staring at her. Her smile didn’t change as she glided toward him. He wanted to move, to run away, but his feet were rooted in the ground and he could not move.

“Handsome boy. What’s your name?” she asked. Her voice felt like a smooth touch against his skin. Huron shivered and shook his head. He didn’t want to tell her, but before he could stop it, he blurted out his name. His eyes widened and he tried again to turn, to run away. She reached out and ran a finger down his cheek. He was afraid her touch would burn, but her skin was cool against his. She tipped his face up to hers.

“Hurin, come with me,” she said.

“I don’t want to,” he said, and he blushed furiously. He couldn’t seem to stop the words, the truth.

Her laugh was like chiming bells, and she took his hand and laid it on her arm. Hurin wanted to run in the other direction, but his feet started walking next to her. He looked up at the flaming parasol. She glanced up and said, “Why don’t you want to walk with me, beautiful Hurin?”

“I’m afraid,” he whispered. A bit of fire dropped on her arm next to his hand, but she didn’t’ seem to notice. He stared and saw that it didn’t burn her dress. It fizzled and disappeared while he watched.

Her voice caressed him again. “Why are you afraid, Hurin?”

He looked up at her, and her eyes were full of kindness. He couldn’t remember why he was afraid.

“What am I, Hurin?” she asked softly.

“A fire eater,” he whispered. But he wasn’t afraid anymore.

“Yes, that’s right,” she whispered back. The flames dropped from her parasol all around them. Hurin watched one fall on his hand, and she reached over to scoop it up on her finger. She held it to his lips. “Taste it, Hurin. It’s delicious.”

He couldn’t stop himself. He leaned forward and licked the fire from her finger. It didn’t burn his mouth. It felt soft and warm and bubbly on his tongue. He swallowed and felt it trail down his throat into his belly. He laughed, and she laughed with him. She slipped her arm around his waist and hugged him close as they walked along the rocky shore.

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  1. Prompt: Lady of Fire

    She stood on the clifftop, lady of fire, blazing like the sunset. I gripped the rail of the ship, nearly losing my hat over the side.

    "See there!" I cried.

    The first mate turned his head my way and frowned, his lips pursed, as if to say, _Silly_little_boy_. But I didn't care. Young fop, madman, call me what they will. I could see her. I had seen her each night since the second this journey, a fiery pillar at dusk.


    I raised my attention to the coast again. Her lips opened; her delicate, flaming hand floated up to touch daintily at her chin. I could see her face like it was right before me, for all that she stood yards upon yards away.


    I leaned, desiring to follow her command. But the sea lay between us. I reached a hand out. She laughed, silence in flames. Then she extinguished, as she had each night previous, when the sun touched the horizon. Now the only fire was that of the sky and clouds.

    I sank down and rested my forehead on the rail. My breath caught in sorrow. Lady of fire, I missed her already.

    1. Very poetic! I like it. The drama and mystery - is she real or is her imagining her? Will he get to go to her? Will she destroy him? Will he find nothing? Good beginning!