Saturday, March 9, 2013

Prompt: The Unicorns and the Flying Saucer

The herd lifted their horns as one when the flaming silver disk hurtled out of the sky. They stood their ground and watched as it fell in an arc toward the mountain lake. It splashed into the water in an eruption of steam.

Beltam, leader of the herd, stamped his hooves and issued curt commands.

“Melbey, Wolstig, get to the valley and stay with the crèche. If there’s any sign of danger, lead them to the hidden valley.”

The two mares whinnied and wheeled away at a gallop. They each had foals in the crèche, and Beltam knew they would be fierce protectors.

“Steelig, Nothaw, Greelahm, race to the lake and see what it is.”  He lifted his head and cried out. A phoenix flew out of the forest and burst into flame overhead. Beltam nodded satisfaction. “The phoenix will carry your vision back to me, so look sharp.”

The three warriors reared and pawed the air, then raced toward the lake with the phoenix soaring overhead. Beltam turned his attention to the herd, drawing them together and moving them to safety. He could not bring them all together in the hidden valley, and that was better used by the young of the crèche. He snorted frustration and decided they would have enough protection on the savannah. There was plenty of cover in the wagnoh groves, but open enough they could run in twenty different directions if need arose.

Steelig, Nothaw, and Greelahm raced up the mountain to the steaming lake. The silver disk lay in the middle of the lake, tilted up toward the sky, one edge jammed into the lake’s deep trench. They held their ground on the far shore of the lake and studied the fallen object. It had flamed through the air, but there was no fire on it now. Steam billowed around it from the lake water. They stepped closer, sharing their vision with the phoenix to carry back to Beltam.

As they watched, a long slender bridge pushed out of the disk’s side and stretched out to the shore. Nothaw and Greelahm snorted and pawed the ground in alarm. Steelig stamped his foreleg and demanded their attention. The phoenix circled closer to the lake, and the stallions cried out in unison as it burst into flames again, but this time blue and cold like the icy lake waters.

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  1. Prompt: The Unicorns and the Flying Saucer

    Melodie reared up and caught the Frisbee on her horn, then let out a neigh of joy. A flick of her head, and it was airborne again. She stretched into a gallop, overtaking the soaring disk. Speeding across the grass was so much fun she almost forgot the Frisbee, and had to rush back, kneeling almost to the ground to catch it. She flicked her head, and the Frisbee took a sad flop off her horn's tip to land edgewise on the grass. It rolled in a circle, fell over, and finally settled, dish side down.

    She lowered her head and nuzzled the orange circle. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

    "Mel-o-die!" Her name warbled across the field, like a demented Frisbee unable to reach the ground.

    She lifted her head and ground her molars crosswise. And there went the fun. She picked up a trot, kicking the Frisbee backwards with her hind legs as she passed.

    1. Anne, I love it! Clever take on a different meaning. Your description of the action is very clear as Melodie manipulates the frisbee. Hope you'll keep joining me!

  2. Thanks! I hope to keep doing so. So far it's been working -- slept like a baby (quite literally) the last two nights. Hope it keeps working.