Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prompt: Retell your day as an epic struggle between the forces of good and evil

Prompt: Retell your day as an epic struggle between the forces of good and evil

Marguerite des Cygnes strode into the council chamber, determined to prove her worth. As the newest council member, and the youngest among them, she knew many questioned her position. She surrendered her staff to the guards at the door, but did not volunteer the blades woven into her braided hair. It was never wise to be completely unarmed.

“Marguerite! Welcome!” called Idris de la Chapelle, her mentor and the council leader. She accepted his outstretched hands in greeting, and he kept her close as the other council members arrived. He quietly offered his assessment of each of the men and women she now joined.

John de Mierle, Chapelle’s strategic advisor, pounded the table for silence and called the council to order. Marguerite struggled to keep up with the fast paced discussion, names she did not recognize, and the seemingly snap decisions of the council. There was good news from the battlefield, but supplies were low. They needed the support of Robert of the Briers. Marguerite was surprised when Mierle said she should be the one to go to Robert’s hold at Brier Creek. She saw the disbelieving looks around the council table, and then she saw Chapelle nodding and realized he knew of her long friendship with Robert and his family.

When Mierle closed the council session, Marguerite quickly said her goodbyes and made her way across the muddy keep yards to the stables. The day had turned warm and glorious after a long bout of cold rain. Her gray mare stood saddled and ready, and Marguerite quickly mounted and cantered out of the keep’s gate and across the fallow fields towards Brier Creek.

Her mare made good time crossing the valley and the low hills on the way to the Creek. Laborers in the fields stood and stretched their backs, watching them race by. They reached the main road into Robert’s hold, and there were plenty of small groups of travellers, merchants and families alike, crowding the way. Marguerite was frustrated by their slow pace, until she finally made her way around them and the road opened up again. Her mare stretched into another fast canter and soon they approached Robert’s hold.

Marguerite pulled her signal handkerchief out of her sleeve and waved it to the guards as she approached. They recognized her shield and opened the gates without hesitation. Inside, she jumped down from her exhausted mare and handed the reigns to a young boy. She fished a few coins out of one of her skirt pockets, and his face lit up when she pressed them into his hand.

“Walk her around before you give her water and oats, do you understand?”

“Yes, m’um. She’ll get sick if’n I give her water while she’s so lathered.”

“Good boy. What’s your name?”

“Danny, m’um.”

“Danny, wait for me at Robert’s council chamber so you can lead me to her when I’m done. Thank you.”

The boy grinned and bowed, then walked her mare away, standing tall with self-importance at his task. She smiled briefly, then headed into the familiar hold.

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