Saturday, June 22, 2013

Prompt: Some things are better left unseen

Captain Michael Sutton led yet another brass tour through his ship, when he had a million better things to do. On their way to the hydroponics bay, as he crossed the main corridor to engineering, he blinked. Please let that be an AI glitch.

Nope. Leaning his hand against the wall, Sutton threw out a restraining field with a privacy screen so their guests wouldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He turned to the group and waved then forward, tapping his comm unit so that Tsukiko would have a moment to prepare. “Gentlemen, please walk on in to the bay area and take a look around. Lieutenant Nakayama will answer any of your questions. She is far more knowledgeable about the remarkable work than I am. Please excuse me for a moment of ship’s business.”

Sorry Ki, I owe you one. She hated strangers in the bay. They upset many of the plants, and it would take her hours to return everything to order. She would be irritated with him later. He’d have to make it up to her.

Tapping his comm unit again, Sutton kept his voice calm. “Bioengineering, this is Captain Sutton. Commander Mbanefo?”

“Aye, Captain?” Mbanefo’s rich baritone replied, sounding more…unsettled…than usual.

Sutton said tightly, “Commander, have you lost something?”

Mbanefo sounded surprised. “Aye, Captain! How did you…oh…Where are you, Captain?”

“Outside hydroponics. With our guests. Commander, I suggest you hurry.”

“On my way, Captain,” Mbanefo said, chastened. He was going to be more than that when Sutton got through with him. After he took care of his two renegades. Sutton looked down the hall and blinked again. Three? He reached for the wall, but the thing ducked down another corridor before he could throw out any containment. He shook his head. Oh, no. This wasn’t good.

TBC, perhaps…

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