Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prompt: This stone spent the night hallucinating your love

I feel my mother’s flat embrace
Her infinitely slow heartbeat
Her steady motion around the blazing sun
I feel its light, heat, warming me
I feel the rain like tears washing over me
Sorrows, loves, lives I’ll never know
I see children playing in the yard, spinning until they are dizzy
“I feel the Earth moving”, they cry
I feel it too!
I want to shout back
They never hear me
The oldest boy picks me up, tosses me in the air
I feel like I am flying, like the birds I see cartwheeling in the air so high above me
He carries me, tossing me, out to the mailbox
With a solid “thunk”, he sets me on top of the mailbox post
Enthroned, enthralled
I can see farther than ever before
My best days are when the girl comes out to get the mail
She pulls it from the box and closes the lid
Then she stands there and shuffles through the papers
I memorize her face, her hair, the curve of her ear
She nibbles her lower lip when she reads
She makes faces and talks back to the mail
She never speaks to me
She never looks at me
I dream of her
When the moon is bright and the stars take the place of the birds above me
I dream of her when the rain soaks me clean
I dream of her when the snow falls into an igloo around me
I dream of her looking, touching, seeing me
Really seeing me
I dream

Thanks to Los Dave for the great visual prompt!

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Vivaldi’s "Winter" from Four Seasons

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